Honda Fit

Commuting Resources

  • Madison Metro Transit for current fares, maps and schedules
  • Metro Transit Tracker – Real-time arrival estimates and bus locator map information for every stop. View text-based arrival time information or track actual bus location on Google Maps or Virtual Earth.
  • Madison’s Zipcar  – A hatchback Honda Fit from Zipcar’s fleet of vehicles is located on Level 1P in our Network222 parking garage.
  • The online matching service Rideshare Etc. assists commuters in finding a carpool, State Vanpool, a biking buddy or locate a park-n-ride lot for you.
  • Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (Bike Fed) – Wisconsin’s only statewide bicycle advocacy organization.  They promote bicycling through education and encouragement activities and offer corporate services.  Bike Fed sponsors events like Bike to Work Week and Ride The Drive.

Network222 Carpool Pals

How Carpool Pals Works

Step 1: Let us know you’re interested and we’ll do the rest!

  • Contact Brad Schlag at the Front Desk (608)310-6000 or Mari Westin from Madison Environmental Group at
  • Tell us the intersection that is closest to your home.
  • We will map all potential carpoolers via Google Maps and determine who are the best matches to be Carpool Pals.
  • Check out the Google Map now!

Step 2: Meet Your Carpool Pal & Get Carpooling

  • Plan your carpool however it works best for you and your Carpool Pal: once a week, a few times a month, whatever suits your schedule and lifestyle.