Employee Relations

Protecting Human Capital During Uncertain Times

The most valuable asset of any business is Human Capital.  Whether it is their own employees or various business partners, maintaining safe and healthy working relationships is paramount during times of uncertainty.  Understanding is key as businesses slowly ease back to work after a long period of staying at home.

Here at the Fiore Companies, we are carefully considering the mental toll this has taken on employees and anxieties some may have about being around others. We are implementing flexible work arrangements and various safety protocols to help ease the transition back into the office environment.

Steps we are taking at Fiore as we transition back to the office: 

  • Creating phases for easing back to the workplace
  • Providing flexibility to accommodate both business and employee needs
  • Taking employee concerns into consideration
  • Communicating safety practices to be followed in the office
  • Placing containers of disinfecting wipes around work areas
  • Leaving hand sanitizer on desks
  • Considering where we can make changes to minimize contact
  • Limiting the number of participants in conference rooms and common areas

Keeping communication lines open and remaining flexible to the rapidly evolving environment is key to maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationships. 

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce has aggregated a very helpful list of resources for local businesses and community members.  Click here for useful COVID-19 information.